Amazon Return Shipment Tutorial


Need to send a return shipment from Hong Kong to the U.S. after purchasing on Amazon? When using Spaceship, you can compare different courier services and find the best deal, enjoy door-to-door pick-up service and track your shipment instantly on our platform. If you need to send an Amazon return shipment, please check out the following tutorial.

Before booking your shipment

  • After applying for product return on Amazon, please  print the Return Mailing Label provided by Amazon out and stick it on the outside if your parcel. 
  • After that, print the Commercial Invoice and Return Authorisation Slip out and put them inside the parcel. 
  • Then, you can send your parcel to the Amazon Fulfilment Center. Due to COVID-19, Hong Kong Post has suspended all the air mail service to the U.S, so you can use Spaceship and check out other courier choices.

Amazon Return Shipment Demonstration

How to use Spaceship and complete Amazon Return Shipment in 4 steps online


Courier Comparison

  • Choose “Hong Kong” as Origin and “U.S” as Destination.
  • Based on the type of packaging you used, choose the corresponding item. 
    (In this example, we are going to choose 【Box】)
  • Enter the size and estimated weight of the parcel
  • Then, press “Get Quote”

Courier Choice

  • Based on the information you have provided, Spaceship will immediately compare your shipping options displaying shipping time and costs of various local and international courier services.  Delivery options are sorted by price from low to high, so you can find the best options for you at a glance.
  • Please be reminded that if you are sending a return shipment to Amazon warehouse, regardless which country (U.S., U.K. etc), you must choose more prestige logistic companies, such as Fedex and UPS since Amazon does not accept delivery of other courier companies.
How-to-return-shipment-to-Amazon-US-Step 2
Screencap Date: 2020/10/23

Parcel Details

We will take the return of shoes as example in this tutorial. If you want to return other products, please fill in their product category and name accordingly.

  • Choose 【Footwear】 as item category
  • In item declaration details, write 【Shoes】
  • Remember to write 【Return Shipment-No Commercial Value】 in Supplementary info
  • Enter the total quantity

Pickup Details

  • Fill in the door-to-door pickup address in Hong Kong and the address given by Amazon on the Return Mailing Label.
  •  When courier come to pickup your parcel, please remember to print and give them the shipping labels, commercial invoice and purchase prove along with your well-packaged parcel.
How-to-return-shipment-to-Amazon-US-Step 4.png

Spaceship Reminder
Apart from the shipping labels and commercial invoice, you also need to print and give the purchase prove to the courier during door-to-door pickup. For Amazon Invoice, Confirmation Email or screenshot of successful payment and there should be clear product information, quantity and price.




Online Payment

  • After confirming the reservation details and estimated shipping fee, enter your contact information and credit card details.  Then, press confirm to submit
  • If you would like to use a coupon, please enter the discount code and select your coupon
  • Once the shipment is confirmed, Spaceship will charge your credit card with the estimated shipping fee
  • Once your shipment is completed, the courier company will issue official shipping details in 2-3 weeks, listing the actual size and weight of your parcel.  Spaceship will then collect or refund the difference 
  • The more accurate the information you enter when estimating the shipment fee, the difference will be minimized
online payment_EN

If you need help with sending out return shipment, you can visit Spaceship and contact our Customer Success Specialist! 

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