Shipping Fragrance and Aromatic Products overseas


Hong Kong is famous for being a shopping paradise.  You can get almost anything in Hong Kong.  Fancy gifting your overseas friend a nice branded perfume? Check out Spaceship’s guide to shipping fragrance gifts overseas! 

Can you ship perfume overseas?

Most of the perfumes found on the market contain alcohol.  They are regarded as dangerous goods for Customs and international courier service providers.  Importing and exporting of perfume is forbidden.

We don’t recommend shipping perfumes.  Senders might be fined if parcels contain dangerous goods or forbidden items. 

Can you ship deodorant and other aromatic products overseas?

The ingredients and nature of the product affect whether the items can be shipped.  Although perfume is regarded as dangerous goods, other aromatic products and deodorant products can substitute as precious gifts for your loved one!  As long as they don’t contain any alcohol, they are not regarded as dangerous goods.  

You can ship the following items by couriers:

  • Deodorant Stick: alcohol-free deodorant sticks 
  • Aroma gel for household : Customs may require MSDS report and product details
  • Fragrance cream: Customs may require MSDS report and product details

The following items are restricted by couriers:

  • Aroma products: e.g. aroma oil, diffusers, aroma sticks.  Since alcohol is one of the main ingredients for aromatic products, they are regarded as restricted items/
  • Deodorant spray: compressed gas is forbidden by customs and international courier services
  • Fragrance cream: cream-like items are forbidden by customs and international courier services

Reminder from Spaceship
Not sure about what not to ship? Contact our Customer Service Specialist!




Hong Kong is a free port.  When shipping overseas, the local customs will decide whether you need to pay taxes and the amount of the payable tax.

Check out Spaceship’s guide on Duties & Tax !

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