Guide to Shipping Gifts Overseas


When distance keeps people apart, gifts and presents are good way to show your love to your loved ones! Planning to surprise them with the best gifts? Is it possible to ship your precious gifts via international courier? Check out Spaceship’s guide to shipping valuable items overseas!


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You can ship the following items overseas via internationals courier service:

  • Jewelries: e.g. necklaces, bracelets, accessories etc.
  • Jewelries with pearls
  • Jewelries with diamonds, including diamond rings, bracelets, necklets etc.
  • Jewelries with gemstones: e.g. gemstone rings, accessories with gemstones

Not sure how to pack your parcel? 
Check out Spaceship’s guide on How to Pack a Parcel

Reminder from Spaceship
When shipping valuable items, don't forget to pack properly! Maximum compensation differs from various international courier companies.  Courier companies might not fully compensate.  The maximum compensation for FedEx and Aramex is USD100

The following items cannot be shipped overseas via international courier service

  • Accessories with seashells
  • Items with animal products, including furs
  • Items with pure gold, including gold, accessories with pure gold, bullion

Reminder from Spaceship
Not sure what to ship and what not to? Contact our Customer Service Specialist online!

What to consider before shipping valuable items?

  • When filling in declaration details, if you are shipping handmade items, you are required to fill in the value of the item.  You can simply fill in the cost of the materials as the price.
  • Local customs will check the parcels and define the payable tax according to the item’s value, type, quantity and usage.  If needed, local customs will ask courier company to contact the recipient.  Recipient might need to submit required documents and pay tax and tariff.  Parcels will then be delivered after declaration is completed.
  • The maximum compensation differs from different international courier service providers.  For more details, you can contact your courier service provide.  If needed, you can get extra insurance.

Reminder from Spaceship
Don't forget to fill in your item's value when filling in declaration details for Customs.

Tutorials on shipping necklace via international courier

4 Easy Steps to shipping necklace from Hong Kong to Australia on Spaceship

Courier Comparison

  • Start free quote
  • Pick the origin and the destination
  • Select the parcel type and enter the estimated weight,  quantity and weight of your parcel
  • You can simply enter the estimated weight.  This estimated weight will be used to calculate the approximate shipping free for this shipment.  The actual amount will be calculated based on the actual weight measured by the courier company.

Pick Your Courier Service

Based on the information you provided, Spaceship will immediately compare your shipping options displaying shipping time and costs of various local and international courier services.  Delivery options are sorted by price from low to high, so you can find the best option for you at a glance.

How to ship diamond necklaces from HK to AUS - Step 2
Screenshot captured on 2020-11-27

Enter Parcel Details

  • For declaration process, please separate into different entries according to the types of the parcels.  Declaration process might be affected if the entries contain different items
  • Pick 【 Clothing, footwear or accessories 】and 【 Women’s Clothing 】for Item Category
  • Enter 【Jewelry – necklaces】for Item Declaration Details
  • For supplementary info, fill in the details according to the materials, e.g. 【Silver, with diamond】

Enter Pick-up Information

  • Enter the information for pick-up service in Hong Kong and the recipient’s details in Australia

Online Payment

  • After confirming the reservation details and estimated shipping fee, enter your contact information and credit card details.  Then, press confirm to submit
  • If you would like to use a coupon, please enter the discount code and select your coupon
  • Once the shipment is confirmed, Spaceship will charge your credit card with the estimated shipping fee
  • Once your shipment is completed, courier company with issue official shipment details in 2-3 weeks, listing the actual size and weight of your parcel.  Spaceship will then collect or refund the difference
  • The more accurate the information you entered when estimating the shipment fee, the difference will be minimized


Reminder from Spaceship
Need help with declaring items? Feel free to contact our Customer Service Specialist!


Hong Kong is a free port.  When shipping overseas, the local customs will decide whether you need to pay taxes and the amount of the payable tax.

For details, check out Spaceship’s guide on: Duties & Tax 

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