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UK is one of the popular destinations for international relocation.  When planning your relocation to the UK, don’t forget to apply for ToR1 (Transfer of Residence relief).  With ToR1, you can get tax exemptions for mailing personal items for more than half a year. 

Check out Spaceship move’s guide to applying ToR1!

  • 輸入優惠碼”SHIPBNO,然後按【確定】
  • 優惠碼會立即顯示於你的戶口
  • 選用Fedex優先快遞(IP)寄BNO,於付款時記得選取優惠碼,運費即減HKD50! 

What is ToR1?

  • Duties and tax will be imposed when importing to UK.  Applying ToR1 (Transfer of Residence relief) before arriving can get tax exemption in the first year of living in the UK if you are shipping personal items that will be used for more than half a year, including daily necessities, clothings
  • Online application is available on UK Government Website
  • Various categories of personal items can get tax exemption, including daily necessities.  Mechanic tools for plumbers and renovation workers need to be declared separately

Requirements for applying ToR1

  • Lived outside EU countries in the past 12 months
  • Shipping items are used or owned for at least 6 months
  • Tobacco, alcohol and commercial vehicles cannot apply for tax exemption
  • When applying for ToR1, don’t forget to provide the following information:
    • Contact number and email
    • Residential address in the UK.  It would be better to provide address proofs
    • Current residential address in Hong Kong.  Address proofs within 3 months might be required
    • Estimated delivery date for shipment
    • If you have lived in the UK or Europe, you need to provide the relevant address, date of residence and reason for leaving

Prepare for your international relocation

  • Plan your packing list and think of the items you need to ship to UK.  With a detailed checklist, you can plan how many boxes you’ll need and what will be in those boxes.  This will make customs declarations and clearance a lot easier!
  • When doing customs declarations, please fill in the value of the items, and the details of your parcels, e.g. 1 box of CDs, 1 box of clothes
  • When packing your boxes, don’t forget to protect your items with adequate amount of wrapping materials, e.g. wrapping bubble, packing foam
  • Consider getting large electronic appliances in the UK instead of shipping them from Hong Kong since the shipping cost might be more expensive than buying a new one

Choose your international moving service

Apart from handling immigration process and documents, getting the right international moving service is important too! Instead of using ocean freight for international relocation, air freight could be the option for your international moving!  Although you could ship more with ocean freight, with COVID-19 getting more serious, cost for sea freight is rocketing.  Schedule for ocean freight is unstable and it could take over 3 months to ship to the UK. If you are applying ToR1, delaying shipment could affect the application as well.

With air freight, you can complete packing, customs clearance, and get your parcels shipped to the UK in a week!

Not sure how to start your international relocation? Spaceship move specialist is here to help! From preparing packing materials and packaging to customs declarations, our specialist is here to guide you through! Register now and get 14-day storage for free!

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