Shipping Food overseas from Hong Kong


Homesick can be unbearable especially during the pandemic.  It’s even more difficult when they miss the food from their hometown.  Show your love to your family and friends overseas by shipping snacks and food from Hong Kong!  Check out Spaceship’s guide to shipping snacks from Hong Kong to the other side of the world.

Before writing down your buying list, don’t forget to make sure you can ship the items on your list via international courier.  Some snacks and food are prohibited because of their natures, and whether they are perishable.  If you are not sure about what not to ship, contact our Customer Service Specialist online! 

Popular snacks you can ship via international courier services

  • Nori/dried Seaweed
  • Candy like chocolate, fudge, hard candies
  • Ground coffee beans, cooked coffee beans, instant coffee 
  • Potato chips
  • Cookies of any kind including homemade cookies
  • Noodle briskets, dry noodles (with no soup or sauces)
  • Tea bags, including fruit teas, traditional tea, and tightly packed tea discs 
    • Please note: Chinese made tea bags cannot be imported into Taiwan

Food and snacks that are prohibited by international courier services

  • Honey
  • Milk powder or other milk products
  • Jelly powder
  • Dried fruits and nuts: almonds, dried raisins, walnuts, nuts, fruit slices, dried apples, dried mango
  • Instant noodles with sauce, seasoning, or soup packets
  • Pineapple cake
  • Seasoning powders and sauces
  • Foods containing medicinal ingredients, including Chinese herbal medicine) 

Unlike other items, there are some restrictions when shipping out food or snacks via international courier services.  Some of the courier service providers don’t accept food items.  We’ve gathered regulations for shipping food and snacks to popular destinations and here are points to note!

Shipping snacks to the United States 🇺🇸

  • Food and Drug Administration in US requires “Prior Notice of Imported Food” certificate for all imported food parcel.  If you need to ship food or snacks to US, don’t forget to visit FDA’s website and apply a certificate. 
  • Upon clearing customs, the package of food may also be subjugated to American taxation. Please refer to Duties & Tax for more details.

Shipping snacks to Spain 🇪🇸

  • The Spanish Customs Office prohibits the importation of food for personal consumption through mail or international courier. Please don’t ship food items to Spain.

Shipping snacks to the United Kingdom 🇬🇧

  • Upon clearing customs, the package of food may be subjugated to UK taxation. Please refer to Duties & Tax for more details.

Reminder from Spaceship
If the parcel contains prohibited items or fails to truthfully declare items in the package, local customs has the right to fine the sender for handling fee and administrative fees. Parcel might result in getting destroyed.

Notes on Food Declaration

  • When you are filling in declaration on Spaceship, please fill in each food item separately.  Avoid filling in “snack” or “food” since it will hinder the customs clearance process.
  • Please declare the contents of the package fully and truthfully. Local customs clearance office may fine or request the sender or recipient to submit additional declaration documents.
  • When the parcel arrives at its final destination, local customs will inspect the parcel and determine duties and tax based on its value, type, quantity.  Local customs will contact the recipient through courier service providers and request documents if needed.  Delivery process will continue only after necessary actions are taken.
  • For the most up-to-date information on shipping food and snacks, contact Spaceship’s Customer Experience Specialist online! 
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