How to ship documents overseas

Sending documents overseas is one of the most popular shipping items on Spaceship.  Especially for SMEs and business owners, as they need to send contracts, original documents, samples, letters, academic certificates, diploma certificates to overseas clients and schools.  With confidential information, it’s essential to pick a reliable courier service that can deliver the documents in time.

What to consider before shipping out your documents? 

Pick the right courier service 

When it comes to business documents, arriving to the destination timely is crucial.  You wouldn’t want to miss out any opportunity because of a single document.  Picking the right courier service that is cost-efficient and time-saving is important.  

While there are various courier services that suit different shipping needs and demand, they often offer Express shipping for business documents that needs to ship to the other side of the world as soon as possible.  When picking your courier service, don’t forget to check the estimated delivery date!

Pack your documents nice and tidy

Before shipping out your documents by international courier, it’s essential to pack your documents with the right packaging.  Unlike sending out mails within the city, sending documents overseas takes more steps to pack.

Instead of using a small envelope, please use a brand new A4 pocket envelope.  If your documents are bigger than the A4 size, please find an envelope according to the size.  Try not to fold the documents. 

Print out required documents for shipping 

Once you have finished packing your documents and scheduled your shipment, don’t forget to print out the required documents for shipping.  Those documents include the shipping labels and commercial invoice, which come with the confirmation email from Spaceship or your international courier service provider.  

If there’s any missing documents, the customs clearance process at the destination country might affect the delivery process.  For more details, check out our guide to printing the required documents for shipping your documents overseas.

Input the address correctly

There are chances that you’ll need to mail send your documents to a PO box address.  Note that not every international courier service accepts PO box as the recipient’s address since the shipment might require signature from the recipient. 

If you are not sure which international courier service that accepts PO box shipment, talk to our Customer Service Specialist online

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