Studying in the U.K.: Spaceship’s guide to shipping your luggage to the U.K. in 4 steps

When getting ready to study in the U.K., packing your belongings would be a challenge for you!  You’ll have to carry all your luggage to your new home after a very long journey on the plane.  The exhaustion is beyond words. Spaceship got a lot of enquiries about shipping belongings to the U.K., especially students who are going to study aboard.  

With Spaceship, you can find the best price according to your personal budget and your estimated delivery time, making sure that your belongings will be securely delivered at your door by the time you arrive your new place in the U.K. 

If you are planning to study in the U.K., starting your working holiday there, or moving to the U.K., check out this guide to shipping your luggage in 4 steps online!

Tutorial on shipping luggage

How to ship your belongings to the U.K. in 4 steps with Spaceship


Courier Comparison

  • Get Quotes
  • Pick the Origin and the Destination.  In this tutorial, we are going to show how to ship luggage from Hong Kong to the U.K.
  • Enter the estimated volume and weight of your luggage, and the amount of the luggage, and click “Get Quote”
  • Since we are shipping personal items and belongings, we will pack everything in 2 boxes
Shipping luggage from Hong Kong to the U.K.-Step 1

Courier Choice

  • Based on the information you have provided, Spaceship will immediately compare your shipping options, displaying shipping time and costs of various local and international courier services.  Delivery options are sorted by price from low to high, so you can find the best options for you at a glance.
  • Taking this shipment as an example, the estimated weight is around 20kg, which is difficult for customers to carry the boxes all the way to the Post Office.  Spaceship arranges door-to-door pick-up service.  Our Customer Success Specialists can also recommend the most suitable courier service according to your needs, e.g. based on the items that need to get custom clearance.  Items that might not be able to ship by  Speedpost from Post Office, Spaceship can also find the courier service for help! 
  • Since it’s almost the beginning of a new school term, the shipment needs to arrive on time before school starts.  The delivery time is important in this case.  For more accurate arrival time with a better online tracking platform, Spaceship recommends using FedEx International Priority (IP), which is more recongized by Hong Kong people.  FedEx IP has a shorter delivery time and cheaper comparing to Post Office Speedpost! 
Shipping luggage from Hong Kong to the U.K.-Step 2
*Screen capture date: 2020/10/22
Shipping luggage from Hong Kong to the U.K. - FedEx
*Screen capture date: 2020/10/22

Enter Parcel Details

  • Select the Item Category
  • Item Declaration Details need to be in English

  • Since it’s for studying abroad, there are more items to be shipped in this order.  Don’t forget to catagorize all the items and enter the details of the items
  • In this example, we are shipping the following items:
    1. Textbooks x 5
    2. Ladies’ Blouses x 20
    3. Sneakers x 5 pairs
    4. iPad x 1
    5. Rice cooker x 1
Shipping luggage from Hong Kong to the U.K.-Step 3

Enter Pick-up Information

  • Enter the information for pick-up service in Hong Kong
  • Enter the information for drop-off service in the U.K. according to your school dormitory or the resident address
  • You can select the date and time for the pick-up service after confirming the details

Online Payment

  • After confirming the reservation details and estimated shipping fee, enter your contact information and credit card details.  Then, press confirm to submit
  • If you would like to redeem a coupon, please enter the discount code and select your coupon
  • Once the shipment is confirmed, Spaceship will charge your credit card with the estimated shipping fee
  • Once your shipment is completed, courier company will issue official shipment details in 2-3 weeks, listing the actual size and weight of your parcel.  Spaceship will then collect or refund the difference
  • The more accurate the information you entered when estimating the shipment fee, the difference will be minimized
Online Payment_EN

After completing payment, you will receive a confirmation email from Spaceship.  Shipping labels and invoice are included in the email.  Please print them out and hand them to the courier staff when they come for pick-up.

Reminders from Spaceship

Couriers may not call the sender before picking up the parcels 

If you need help with shipping your belongings before studying abroad, no matter it’s from Hong Kong to the U.K., the U.S., Japan, Taiwan or other places, you can always get help from our Specialist on

Reminders from Spaceship

  • When the mail arrives at its final destination, local customs will inspect the package and determine customs clearance procedures based on its value, type, quantity, and purpose. If necessary, local customs will contact the recipient through the courier company to request required documents or taxes before the package can clear customs. The delivery process will continue only after necessary actions to clear customs are taken. 
  • For the most up-to-date information on custom laws and delivery status of the package, the recipient can directly contact the local courier company.

No matter you are shipping your belongings for your study abroad journey, or you are moving to the U.K., you can find the best courier service for you on Spaceship!

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