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Book UPS Worldwide Express shipment through Spaceship

✅Enjoy the exclusive shipment discount under special partnership program of Spaceship and UPS

✅Free door-to-door pick-up service (no extra charges for pickup in residential areas)

✅Dedicated help on handling customs declaration and clearance

✅Track parcel progress any time online

❗No Shipment of Luggage Bag
❗No Shipment of products with battery

UPS is an international logistic company which supports global courier service for more than 220 countries or cities. By booking UPS service through Spaceship, you can enjoy special shipping discount under the partnership program of Spaceship and UPS. No matter how big or small your parcel is, UPS will pick up your parcel and deliver to the recipient on time.

How to book UPS service through Spaceship?

If you need to ship a parcel and you are looking for a more comparative rate, you can use the Spaceship rate calculator to instantly search for a shipping option that best suit your needs.

  • Enter the shipping origin and receiving locations, and simple information about the parcel, including size and weight.
  • Spaceship will help you get the budget quotation from different international couriers in one go.
  • After you have booked the UPS service, Spaceship will send you the shipping labels and commercial invoice. We handle all customs information for you, and assist you to complete any customs required certification documents when needed.
  • Spaceship and UPS will closely track the parcel status for you, and you can check your parcel status any time online

UPS delivery time

UPS delivery time depends on the shipping origins and destinations, the type of service you choose when placing an order with Spaceship. UPS service usually takes 2-5 working days, if you choose the UPS Worldwide Express service will be faster

If I book a UPS courier service through Spaceship, can I easily track the progress of the shipment?

Book UPS Worldwide Express through Spaceship, we will provide you a tracking number by email, you can always check the shipment progress online, Spaceship will also closely monitor the shipment for you. If you are the sender, you can also send the tracking number to the parcel recipient, so they can check the estimated arrival time of the package by themselves

Don't know which courier service to use?

Want to compare the services of UPS with other courier companies? Immediately use Spaceship rate calculator to compare the delivery times and charges of major logistics companies at a glance and find the international express service that is best for you.

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