How Spaceship Works

Get a quote and send your parcel in 4 easy steps


Courier Comparison

  • Enter the origin and the destination
  • Enter the estimated weight and size of your parcel
  • This estimated weight will be used to calculate the approximate shipping fee for this shipment
  • Spaceship will compare quotes from various international couriers and find you the best offer 
How to ship parcels on Spaceship in 4 steps - Step 1


Pick Your Courier Service

  •  Based on the information you have provided, Spaceship will immediately compare your shipping options, displaying shipping times and costs of various local and international courier services.  Delivery options are sorted by price from low to high, so you can find the best option for you at a glance. 
How to ship parcels on Spaceship in 4 steps - Step 2

Enter Parcel Details

  • List out the items separately according to their category and declare the items to avoid any delay in the customs declaration process
  • If you are not sure about the item(s) you are shipping, please contact us Customer Service Specialists through our live chat
How to ship parcels on Spaceship in 4 steps - Step 3

Enter Pick-up Information

  • Enter the information for pick-up service in Hong Kong and the recipient’s details 
How to ship parcels on Spaceship in 4 steps - Step 4

Pay online

  • After confirming the reservation details and estimated shipping fee, enter your contact information and credit card details.  Then, press confirm to submit
  • If you would like to use a coupon, please enter the discount code and select your coupon
  • Once the shipment is confirmed, Spaceship will charge your credit card with the estimated shipping fee
  • Once your shipment is completed, the courier company will issue official shipment details in 2-3 weeks, listing the actual size and weight of your parcel.  Spaceship will then collect or refund the difference
  • Entering accurate information in Step 1 will minimize this difference

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