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International Shipping 101: How Does Customs Clearance Work

When shipping parcels to USA, Japan, Taiwan or other countries, international shipments need to pass through customs clearance and check before arriving its final destination. When it comes to handling customs clearance, it usually scares people away because of the … Read More


Guide to Shipping Gifts Overseas

Holiday season is around the corner! Want to ship Christmas gifts overseas to your loved ones? Check out Spaceship’s guide to find out the dos and don’t before sending out your gift! … Read More

Studying in the U.K.: Spaceship’s guide to shipping your luggage to the U.K. in 4 steps

Getting ready to study in the U.K., packing your bags and luggage is truly a big issue! Not sure how long it’s going to take to ship your belongings from Hong Kong to the U.K.? Get instant quotations and compare different courier services on Spaceship! If you are planning to study, your working holiday, or moving to the U.K., check out this guide to shipping your luggage online in 4 steps. … Read More


Shipping Masks Abroad from Hong Kong

Spaceship shows you the demonstration of mask delivery, shipping tips and the updated mask import restriction. … Read More