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April Spaceship Pro Product Updates

Spaceship Pro April Product Updates

Check out Spaceship Pro’s Latest product updates.

Download Individual Shipment/ PickUp Invoice

Now you can download Individual Invoice for each Shipment/ Pickup.

Spaceship Pro

To download individual invoices:

For Shipments:

  1. After creating a shipment, download the individual invoice immediately upon checkout at the Payment page.
  2. Navigate to Download & Print , locate the relevant shipment, and click on “Details” to initiate the download.

Spaceship Pro Invoice download

For Pickups:

  1. Upon creating a pickup request, download the individual invoice right after checkout on the payment page.
  2. Naviagte to Scheduled, locate your pickup request, and click on “Details” to proceed with the download.

Pickup Invoice Spaceship PRo

Learn More about Invoice

Fulfilled Orders for Track & Trace

Introducing the new Trace & Track section, where you can conveniently monitor your orders across four key statuses:

  1. FULFILLED: View shipments where labels are created, and pickups are scheduled or drop-offs are selected.
  2. EXCEPTION: Track shipments experiencing unconventional conditions like Customs detention, loss, abandonment, returns, and more.
  3. IN TRANSIT: Monitor shipments currently in transit.
  4. DELIVERED: Keep tabs on shipments that have been successfully delivered.

Trace&Trace Spaceship PRo

Learn More Track & Trace


Ship with SF Express E-comm Box & Carier Account

For SF Express users, we have created a videos for you to catch with all your need for Sf Express shipping.

You can comebine Shopify Store with Spaceship Pro and automate your dropshipping experience.

Open SF Express Integration

More AI features are in Spaceship Pro AI beta now…

AI features are now accessible to subscription users. Contact our consultant to activate them.

Join Spaceship AI Beta 🚀

Earn $200 by Connecting Shopify Dropshipping App

Try to connect your Shopify Store on Spaceship Pro, and you will gain $200 reward right away for free signup!