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Spaceship Care – Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 24 Aug 2023


These Service Terms (“Terms”) provide a comprehensive overview of the insurance coverage offered to safeguard against loss, damage, and stolen shipments that may occur during the transit of packages. By applying Spaceship Care services, you agree to be bound by these Terms. All Policies associated with the Program are underwritten by an authorized insurance company (Insurer) and generated by UPS Capital Insurance (UPSCIA).


International export from Hong Kong and Hong Kong domestic shipments

Spaceship Care Premium:

$1.5 for every $100 increment of total items’ value of a shipment. The Spaceship Care premium is non-refundable after pickup is scheduled.


The maximum claim amount per shipment is limited to US$10,000. The claim only covers the total value of the product items, and does not include any costs for freight or pickup. In the event of a discrepancy between the declared value and the transaction value, the claim will be based on the lower of the two values. The Policies provide no coverage for delay in transit or for consequential or indirect losses.

The coverage for cargo commences on the scheduled pickup date, provided that the pickup order is created through the Spaceship Pro platform. If the order is arranged through other channels or is a drop-off order, the coverage begins upon the arrival scan of the cargo at the Spaceship warehouse. The coverage continues during the ordinary course of the transit, including customary transshipment, until the sooner of: (i) delivery to the final destination of the insured transport; or (ii) fifteen days after the shipment arrives at the destination port, airport or other hub, if not yet delivered to final destination of the insured transport (or thirty days if the destination to which the goods are insured is outside the limits of the port).

  1. Loss Coverage:Loss refers to the situation where a package goes missing during transit or when an item shipped inside the package is missing upon delivery.
  2. Damage Coverage:Damage coverage applies when goods arrive broken or with a malfunction.
  3. Stolen/Porch Piracy Coverage:The mysterious disappearance of packages from a porch or exterior. Coverage is limited to theft of packages from residential locations after they have been dropped off.User should provide the evidence of the theft, such as photographic or video proof, and a police report to initiate the claim process.

Notice of Co-Insurance Penalty:

If you declare a value lower than the provided valuation, your compensation for any loss will be based on the declared value and not any other valuation. For instance, if you declare a value of $500 for goods worth $1,000 (50% of the actual value), and a loss valued at $400 occurs, the Policy will only pay 50% of the loss value, which amounts to $200.


In order to be eligible for coverage under the Policies, it is imperative that you adhere to the shipping terms and conditions set forth by the transportation carrier at the time of shipment. Your acceptance of both the transportation carrier’s shipping terms and conditions, as well as these T&Cs, implies your agreement on behalf of yourself and all relevant parties with an interest in the goods.

Claim Process:

All claims must be submitted on Spaceship Pro within 75 days from the date of delivery. In the case of a non-delivery claim, the timeframe begins from the scheduled delivery date or the reasonable expected delivery date, whichever comes first.

Loss verification will be required, and it is recommended to take photographs of any damaged goods, packaging, and/or containers. Damaged items and associated packaging should be retained for potential inspection by UPSCIA and/or other insurer at their discretion. By submitting a claim under a Policy, you agree to fully cooperate with Spaceship, UPSCIA, and/or the Insurer by providing all relevant documentation and information related to the claim, including a possible examination under oath if requested by the Insurer. The claim process typically requires a period of 7-14 business days once all necessary documentation has been provided.

Excluded Commodities and Shipments:

The following commodities are excluded from coverage under the Policies:

  1. Contraband
  2. Illicit goods
  3. Accounts receivable
  4. Fish meal
  5. Nuclear fuel and substances
  6. Fireworks, explosive agents, fire-starting devices or aids
  7. Live plants, animals, and insects
  8. Human tissues or organs
  9. Human remains, corpses, or body parts
  10. Bullion
  11. Stamps
  12. Cash, banknotes
  13. Currency
  14. Money
  15. Coins
  16. Deeds
  17. Notes
  18. Securities
  19. Bills
  20. Evidence of debt
  21. Precious stones
  22. Fine arts
  23. Jewelry
  24. Dangerous goods
  25. Prohibited items specified in the country of origin and destination

Excluded Risks:

As with all insurance, coverage under the Insurance Policy is subject to exclusions which specifically include:

  1. war risks for U.S. (continental) domestic shipments;
  2. radioactive contamination;
  3. delay, whether or not caused by an insured peril;
  4. temperature variation, whether or not caused by an insured peril;
  5. inherent vice;
  6. fraud or infidelity by you, the shipper or consignee;
  7. misrepresentation / false information by you, the shipper or consignee;
  8. cyber attacks;
  9. illicit trade;
  10. capture, seizure, arrest or detainment of goods by public authority;
  11. nuclear contamination;
  12. rust, oxidation, discoloration, scratching, marring, denting, chipping and/or electrical or mechanical derangement to used goods, whether or not caused by an insured peril;
  13. Consequential and indirect damages, such as loss of market, depreciation, or diminution in value as a result of repair
  14. improper, inadequate or otherwise unsuitable packing or preparation of the cargo, provided this exclusion will not apply to the extent that:(i) such packing or preparation was carried out by a third party other than you, the shipper, consignee or anyone bearing an interest in the cargo; and (ii) the deficiency was unknown to you, the shipper, consignee and anyone bearing an interest in the cargo;
  15. fraud or infidelity by you, the shipper or consignee;
  16. misrepresentation / false information by you, the shipper or consignee;
  17. a shipment of cargo being re-routed, stopped in transit or retrieved at a point other than the original consigned delivery point pursuant to any instruction or representation to the transport carrier by a fraudster or imposter;
  18. a shipment of cargo being sent as a result of fraud or trick upon the Customer, the shipper and/or consignee (including but not limited to product orders made by imposters);and
  19. package labels being changed or revised in the course of transportation for the purpose of fraudulent redirection.

Disclaimer of Indirect Losses and Damages:

UPSCIA and its affiliates’ cumulative liability for direct losses, claims, suits, controversies, breaches, or damages (“Loss”) is limited to the total insured value declared during the shipment booking process, minus any recovered or recoverable amounts from other parties, insurance proceeds, or third parties related to the Loss. This limitation does not affect the End User’s rights to claims for properly payable shipment loss or damage under the applicable Policy. UPSCIA or Spaceship is not liable to the user for indirect, incidental, consequential, exemplary, punitive, or special damages, including lost profits, regardless of the form of action or theory of recovery, and regardless of foreseeability or whether UPSCIA or any person/entity was informed of the possibility of such damages.


UPSCIA or Spaceship does not provide any warranties, whether express or implied. The user expressly disclaims and waives any and all warranties, including those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, unless otherwise stated in these T&Cs and the applicable Policy. Descriptions or specifications, whether or not included in these T&Cs and the applicable Policy, do not constitute warranties of any kind.


USPCIA and its affiliates will need to collect and process personal data from time to time in connection with your election to participate in the Program, including with respect to the adjustment and payment of claims made under any Policy. For details about how UPSCIA and its affiliates process personal data, please see the UPS Capital Privacy Notice located at By accepting these T&Cs, you warrant that (i) you have obtained any personal data provided to UPSCIA (whether directly or through a Program Partner) lawfully, (ii) you are authorized to provide such data to UPSCIA and its affiliates, and (iii) you have duly informed any of your customers whose personal data is provided to UPSCIA or its affiliates in connection Program (e.g. in connection with the submission of a claim under a Policy) that UPSCIA and its affiliates will process such data in accordance with the above-linked UPS Capital Privacy Notice in effect at the time of collection.


These T&Cs shall become effective when accepted (or deemed to have been accepted) by you and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the State of Georgia, without regard to its conflict of laws principles.

These Service Terms are subject to change and may be updated periodically. It is the user’s responsibility to review the current version of the Terms. By using Spaceship Care services, you acknowledge and agree that UPSCIA is the insurance producer responsible for issuing each policy. The user also acknowledges and agrees that the insurer and UPSCIA are the only parties responsible for determining policy coverages, exclusions, and limitations. They underwrite policies, set insurance-related fees, collect insurance-related fees, adjust insurance claims, and issue insurance claim payments.