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Automate HK Post to Handle BFCM Bulk Shipment with Ease

HK post Shipment Automation

Automate HK Post to Handle BFCM Bulk Shipment with Ease

Are you relying on HK Post for your orders, appreciating their affordability but frustrated with the manual processes and complex platform?

No need to worry anymore! With Spaceship Pro, you can enjoy the same cost-efficiency of HK Post, but with the added convenience of shipping automation.

Spaceship Pro has lowered the service fee to ensures you receive the same rates as HK Post. Plus, we provide Shopify Order Sync and Automatic Label Creation to save you time and streamline your shipping process.

Let’s explore how you can easily optimize your shipping with HK Post:

1. Sync Your Shopify Orders on Spaceship Pro

Shopify stores are among the most powerful e-commerce platforms for selling your products. When you integrate your store with Spaceship Pro, your orders sync seamlessly and all shipment data is connected.

Simplify your shipping process, and make your favorite shipping method – HK Post the easiest way to ship!

Learn how to Order Sync on Shopify and Spaceship Pro

2. Combine Shipping Automation to fill in your data

When you sync orders with Spaceship Pro, we put automation first. Our shipping automation feature automatically fills in all necessary shipment details. Whether it’s tax terms or packaging size, one rule handles your shipping preferences.

Once your Shopify orders are synced, just create one shipping rule to automate your HK Post shipping info. !

Streamline your Shopify workflow with Shipping Automation

Spaceship 上門取件國際速遞及郵件追蹤。足不出戶即可寄件到英國、美國、日本、台灣、澳洲及超過 200 個地區。隨時隨地掌握郵件託運狀態。Spaceship Pro 備有各款物流路線以適應瞬息萬變的電商世界,用戶可於軟件內以低至 3 折預訂 UPS、FedEx、DHL、Aramex、香港郵政等各大物流服務,完成後進行簡易報關,購買空運標籤,一站式完成出貨。

3. Generate Ready-to-Go Bulk Shipments

Using the two powerful tools mentioned earlier, you can easily generate your orders and ship seamlessly with HK Post.

Say goodbye to manual processes and enjoy a more streamlined and efficient shipping experience with Spaceship Pro’s automated HK Post integration. Your orders will be processed smoothly, saving you valuable time and effort.



  1. Spaceship Pro ensures there are no additional charges; you pay the exact same price as you would with HK Post.
  2. After creating labels in Spaceship Pro, you’ll be responsible for dropping off your shipments at the HK Post Office.



Real Case Sharing from Tina – Automate Shopify Order to Ship 65% Faster

Tina, one of our valued clients and a Shopify store owner, recently shared her success story on how she accelerated her workflow by leveraging Spaceship Pro’s Shipping Automation.

In this video, we’ll not only hear about Tina’s journey but also provide full tutorials on how you can achieve the same efficiency with just two simple shipping rules.



E-commerce Fun Fact

Tech-enabled shopping = loyal customers + bigger spenders

“39% of shoppers surveyed are more likely to buy from brands that embed technology into the shopping experience, and 1 in 5 say they’re more likely to be loyal to those brands.”

Plus, shoppers who plan to spend more money are more likely to use technology while shopping. Those who plan to spend more than $1,200 USD this BFCM are at least twice as likely to use:

Resources: Shopify Report 2023



Will I incur additional charges for using Spaceship Pro to ship with HK Post?

No, there are no extra charges. The price is the same as HK post.

Simply import your orders into Spaceship Pro, and we will create labels for HK Post shipping.

After label are created, do I need to drop off shipments at HK Post Office?

Yes, you’ll find all the shipments seamlessly created in Spaceship Pro, and you will need to drop off your packages at the HK Post office yourself. If you prefer a pickup service, we recommend using SF Express through Spaceship Pro.