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March Spaceship Pro Product Updates

Spaceship Pro March Product Updates

Check out Spaceship Pro’s Latest product updates.

Packing Slip Setup & Customization

Include your list of shipping items in each package. Better yet, add your logo and a personal note to packing slips are available now.

Packing Slip Spaceship Pro

The customization feature is exclusively available  for Growth or above Subscription plans. Upgrade your plan now to see more⬇️

Packing Slip Customization Setup Spaceship Pro

Open Customized Option 🚀

SF Express E- comm Box Service Onboard

3 sizes of E-comm Box Services from SF Express are available on Spaceship Pro, tailored for e-commerce needs and budget-friendly.

SF Ecomm Box Service Spaceship Pro

Spaceship Air Cosmetics Service Launch

💡Cosmetics Shipping Made Easy

From essentials like toners, lotions, and masks to makeup must-haves like eyeliners, foundations, and lipsticks—ship a vast array of beauty products effortlessly.

💡Global Reach for Your Beauty Brand

Ship cosmetics to over 50 countries, including major destinations like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the entire European Union.

💡Hassle-free Customs & Light weight shipping

With options to ship as light as 0.5 KG, enjoy precise, cost-effective shipping without extra fees. Let Spaceship Air Cosmetics handle taxes and ensure smooth customs clearance for you.

Spaceship Air Cosmetics

Learn more  Cosmetics Customs

Consult Spaceship Air Cosmetics 🚀

Additional Options for Syncing Shopify Fulfillment Status

You have a variety of options when it comes to deciding on the appropriate time to send the fulfillment status to Shopify. You could choose not to send it at all, or you could choose to send it at specific points in the fulfillment process. These points could be immediately after the label has been created, at the time when you’ve scheduled the pickup, or even when the shipment has officially begun its transit. The choice is entirely up to you, depending on what best suits your operations and communication needs.

Sync Shopify Fulfillment Updates

Sync Shopify Fulfillment Updates

Automate with Top-up Payment

In addition to Payment Settings, you can now enable Auto Top-up to set up Threshold, Top-up Amount for automation.

Auto Topup Spaceship Pro

Bulk Edit Products

Change HS codes, values, weights, or descriptions for Products all at once.  Now Bulk Edit is open for Products management.

Products Bulk Edit Spaceship Pro

New Import Option for Products

Now, when importing SKUs, if you encounter existing SKUs in Spaceship Pro, you have a convenient new option: you can choose to retain the existing SKUs and upload only the remaining ones. This enhancement makes SKU management easier and more efficient for you.

Product Import - New Retain Option

AI Shipping Rules Creation

Just put in your shipments, and Spaceship AI will generate shipping rules for your automation.

AI Shipping

AI Address Adjustment

Smooth shipping starts here. Fill and correct your addresses with a simple AI click.

AI Address Accuracy Spaceship Pro

AI Error Detection

Streamline Order Fixes with Spaceship Pro’s AI Error Detection. It identifies the critical adjustments needed for your orders, empowering you to swiftly improve, change, or correct them with precision.

Spaceship Pro AI error detection

More AI features are in Spaceship Pro AI beta now…

AI features are now accessible to subscription users. Contact our consultant to activate them.

Join Spaceship AI Beta 🚀

Overview New Services & Routes

For Hong Kong Area

  • SF Express – E-Comm Box

For Overseas Area

  • Spaceship Air Cosmetic
  • Spaceship Air Priority (US)
  • Spaceship Air Economy China Export
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