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Spaceship is the global logistics brand that enables logistic efficiency for worldwide commerce. While Spaceship has an extensive logistics network with carriers to cover most of the deliverable regions in the world, it created Spaceship Pro - a software to automate shipping processes and provide customizable commerce-logistic solutions to businesses.

【2024 開網店入貨入門】常見貨源重點比較介紹 附表格比較

想開網店或開 ig shop? 第一件事就是要「入貨」!現在最常見的網店入貨貨源是從大家常用的網購平台,例如:Amazon、eBay、Gmarket、日本樂天市場、、蝦皮購物、PChome、Aliexpress等。 如果想入貨成本較低的商品,可選擇淘寶或1688,在搜尋時加入「批發」和「代理」字眼,...